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About our data center

The data center is where our servers and associated hosting platform are co-located. This is the physical location where your site is hosted. When we come up to the decision which data center to locate our servers at, we wanted to make sure it will have many peer points and strategic location in the global network of interconnected computers – the Internet. That is why we chose LambdaNet Co-Location in Kiel, Germany

The Data Center is well known for being the connecting point of the Internet backbones between Europe and North America.

The presence of key international exchange points is providing fast access to all vital Internet networks in-between Europe and North America. The other reason we chose this data center and its co-location services and its high degree of protection against unauthorized access or any kind of intrusion – redundant power supply, state-of-the-art air conditioning system, active fire protection system and round-the-clock network monitoring.

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Every piece of hardware has been carefully selected, fully QC test passed for optimal performance and peak load handling. Then the hardware is released for server assembly and line-up. All our web, application, database and utility servers, are running on secure fully redundant hardware, blended in a cloud environment Linux platform that runs on XEN [FURTHER READING]

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Our web hosting platform is monitored by highly trained and experienced professional technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of highly qualified professional technicians cover the full spectrum of problems spotted and act in the most effective way to minimize down time or service failures. The web hosting platform our team [FURTHER READING]

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Our clustered web hosting platform has been build throughout the years with many efforts and based on the experience we gained every hour and every day while supporting and maintaining the hosting engine. We are proud that the web hosting platform we run is entirely designed, build and developed in-house by our dedicated team. We [FURTHER READING]

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Part of our strategy for good quality of service is the strategic location of our data centre. Therefore we chose the best of the best possible options. Our servers are co-located in Lambdanet data centre in Kiel, Germany. It has 14 internet peering points and is linked with a redundant Internet connection – pan-European Tier [FURTHER READING]

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As a part of the international Internet backbone between Europe and North America, our servers are using highly redundant, pan-European Tier 1 fibre-optic network which serves the basis for our hosting services at rates of 50 Gbits, featuring high bandwidth and unsurpassed availability and quality. Air-conditioning according to ET 300019-2-3-Class 3.1 keeps optimum temperature for [FURTHER READING]

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All clients’ websites will have the chance to be hosted on our co-located servers in the data centre – LambdaNet, Kiel, Germany. The data centre is well-known for being part of the connecting internet backbones between Europe and North America. With its large number of private peerings, this data centre is providing fast access to [FURTHER READING]

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