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After your domain, when they click on your link the second detail that will catch your clients or visitors’ eye is your logo. It is the brand of your business and when your business is running it has to alert people. When your business is powerful and well known enough people immediately bring your logo in relation to the products or services of your business. You can design it yourself completely independently or on an online logo service. Remember that a logo is not just a random drawing but something you work on until it is really original and unique, eye-catching and being representative of your business. Some blogs go deeper in on this subject so that it is an internet search worth to find some more lecture before you start. If you really can’t keep busy with this kind of things you can also give the job to a freelance designer. Or you can search on image websites but these are not always original so that you can end with a logo that already circulates.

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A search for the keyword “logo” gives you on 123rf.com nearly 6000 pages full of all different logos, what means a total of more than half a million separate results. You find any logo you can think of as vintage logos, farming logos, real estate, web hosting and much more to give you some examples. Each is downloadable for one to few dollars depending on the size. Even if you’re not intended to buy your logo the site is worth browsing to see what possibilities you all have. There is also a section of completely free images, takes a look at them maybe you can pick some images you just need for your blog.

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