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As you should know the signup price of web hosting is seldom the real price. And thus you shouldn’t be surprised when next year it comes out that other companies are much cheaper. Taking a new host will in the first year cost you some extra money to move your domain. Unless you are not so happy with your first chosen domain and can upon a much better one. Else you can better keep the old one as also the age of a domain name counts for your SEO. Further, when you take a new host you can best move your blog posts also because it means the work of a whole year. The more you write the better for the SEO, thus you can better move your whole blog.

The best what you can do of course is studying well the full price of all possibilities, plus the features. Then reading comments about experiences with all hosts you would consider to sign up.

Bluehost vs

Bluehost is generally known as being thé WordPress optimized web host. They sell their basic plan for 2,95 $ / month the first term and after that, it costs you monthly $ 7.99. They give a 30 day Money back guarantee which includes in that you can keep your domain you got for free but for which they keep around 15,00 $ for themselves and thus your money back guarantee means that you can get the sum you initially paid back minus the price for that domain. With your free domain that is no longer free now, you can’t change your domain registrar during the first 60 days. And after that, of course, you will have to pay the fee to move it, although some hosts promise this to be done for free.

Overcrowded support area on Bluehost

Except for some criticism about uptime that is just not good enough and loads time that is only half as quick as other hosts they tested, a real problem seems to be to reach the support, due to the fact of Bluehost’s massive success.

The cheapest host

About the price, Bluehost’s plus plan is best comparable with FREEphp’s business plan, but we are even cheaper than their basic plan if considered the regular price. Our regular price is € 4,22 / month (only if paid yearly else you pay more) which is calculated in us dollars: $ 4.472. Of course, although not continuously we have also our promotions which take about one month each three months during which we offer you 1-year business hosting for a little bit under € 10 which is cheaper than Bluehost’s basic plan in the promotion that goes over $ 30.

FREEphp’s features

This is what you get with our business hosting:
– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited Monthly Traffic
– Unlimited Domains Hosting
– MySQL / PostgreSQL
– PHP5, ASP.NET, Perl (CGI)
– 1 FREE Domain for LIFE
– 2 Website Builders
– Zacky App Installer
Check full features (Click here to compare with Bluehost)

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