How to Boost Up Your Website Load Time

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By Avinash Panchal – With the increased speed of internet, internet users, who could tolerate the long load time of the websites, are decreasing. Eventually, load time has become predominantly important for all the websites. Another important factor, which even made it rush, is the announcement of Google. According to it, the natural search results would based on the consideration of the sites which could load faster than the websites that load slower.

All websites are needed to run with the best speed to attain these dual benefits. The load speed being the most important and priority of the website, the following tips to increase the load speed would surely be beneficial.

Size of images uploaded matters

The images can be placed on web pages with full size and changing its size at the backend using many CMS software like Joomla, WordPress etc. Loading the initial image and sizing according to the backend command, consumes more time by the browser while loading the web pages. So, it is suggested to edit the image exactly the size that fits into the webpage thereby the speed of the web page loading would be improved.

Use only important plug-ins

The huge number of plug-ins developed and released over open sources are very tempting to add up in our website. However, you have to remember that each plug-in you use consumes certain web resources. So, select the plug-ins which are truly important according the functionality of your website. Every time, before using them, do a tradeoff between the functional benefit of your website and the speed reduced accordingly and then decide to use them.

Ensure the scripts on your site to be up-to-date

The site scripts have to be checked against the new versions available, for the e-commerce or CMS that your site uses. If there are any new releases are found, immediately upgrade the site asap. It is also important to retain an old copy of the script as a backup as it could eliminate potential roadblocks that hinder the speed of the sites to be loaded. There are site script developers, who consistently work on improving the speed of the site.

Use CDNs

CDN or Content Delivery Networks can show increment in the speed of your website. If the content of your site is stored in such CDNs, which are available throughout the network, instead of local hosting account you can request to provide or serve up the data or content of your site, through the server, which is geographically closest to the visitor of your website. It has dual benefits that search engine as well as the visitor can find and retrieve your data faster from local or closed servers fast.

Browser caching enabling

Browser caching technology stores copies of the visited pages of your website in the visitor’s browser, so the future load of the same page does not take time. This feature can be enabled with W3 Total Cache tool of WordPress for example.

Gzip Compression to be on

The Gzip Compression technology can reduce the size of responses of browser-based HTTP to even 70%. You can do it just by installing Gzip compression plug-in.

Place CSS files at the top and JavaScript at the bottom

Keeping the CSS files at the top could save resources by prohibiting progressive rendering. At the same time, JavaScript at the bottom let your pages not to wait until full code execution, which in turn increases the speed of browsing.

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