Semi-dedicated and dedicated webhosting

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Semi-dedicated & dedicated hosting

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When you have a big site as e.g. an e-commerce or web applications and have many database requests throughout the day, dedicated hosting can be the best solution for your online presence. Semi-dedicated hosting is only the next step following on business hosting and you will pay the double fee per month to start.

What are the features of dedicated and semi-dedicated hosting?

While with shared hosting you share the same server with many other users who have shared hosting also, with dedicated hosting you have a server for you alone and with semi-dedicated hosting you share the same server with few other users. With a semi-dedicated or dedicated you can control the operating system, programs, and applications that are installed on this server. But it means also that you will need someone on your team who has the technical skills to install and maintain these functions. Unless your server is hosted elsewhere and your hosting provider takes care of the management of these services.

What are the differences between dedicated and semi-dedicated web hosting?

The differences between both are mainly in space, security, and costs. Compare starter, pro and advanced semi-dedicated hosting here.


On a dedicated server where you are alone of course, all the space and bandwidth is for you. On a semi-dedicated that you share with few other users less space and bandwidth are available to you but of course still more than on shared servers.


On a dedicated server, you control and maintain the programs for security. The more users on a server the more chance of malware.


Except for what you get more with a dedicated server, you pay also more because you are the only one to pay the operating costs.

It’s up to you to decide if you will purchase starter semi-dedicated than opting for pro semi-dedicated or advanced semi-dedicated. If you’re unsure start a chat session and explain your doubts, size of your company and experiences in the past.


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