A radio for Samuel K., Ouagadougou

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Years ago my friend Samuel was a brilliant student agriculture in an English or thè English university in Brussels, Belgium. Good students are graduated on a certain day and dropped in real life. That way also it went with Samuel. Refinding himself as an alien in the African jungle, in extreme despair he phoned to Belgium to keep the social links over there he built up carefully during his student life. Professionally he made the greatest start possible in his country, Ghana. He got a contract in the Kumasi agricultural project.

Samuel always kept his contacts in Belgium but never got a visa to make a trip and visit them in Belgium as a tourist. Nevertheless, he resigned in his fate. On a certain day, he asked his girlfriend then if she couldn’t send him a cheap radio. The poor woman surfed the web as crazy but couldn’t find such a thing they delivered in Africa.

She tied the ends together with blogging. Because of all the trouble with affiliate programs on a certain day, she decided at last to install her e-commerce. Against that time she was graduated in e-commerce and had obtained her certificate to become an independent entrepreneur, although the latter was suddenly not obligated anymore as soon as she got her paper. Meant more competition.

SaleHoo can be a help for people in all kinds of consumer needs. Except for the huge database of member wholesalers it also contains links to wholesaler anywhere in the world and all for the same price!

If not today then certainly next week Samuel K. in Ouagadougou will be the happy owner of a cheap radio to listen to his favourite broadcast company somewhere still in Western Europe.

3d ocean

People all over the world who use to pamper your good old African friends that had to tell you goodbye to go live in their original habitat, take care of mother nature. Noise is one of the classical polluting factors. It is about exceeding a number of decibels which is 40dB at night. To know it by day and more worth knowing information you have to look up what more specialized organizations tell about this subject.


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