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Writers’ block! It can happen with the most productive writers! Also, you as a blogger can have to deal with the lack of inspiration and you should be prepared to overcome without the loss of the content you would write during that period. There are services that offer help to professional writers but for most bloggers there these online tools that can replace own blog posts or help you to write more automatically.

Allow guest posting

The success of this method is depend on how you promote it so that you get fresh content from others on a regular base rather than during your block periods. You have to add a plugin where the guest blogger can register his own account and write guest posts via a form on the front side of your WordPress. You can control the quality of these blog posts by adding guidelines to the program and by showing some severity before approving them.

Add articles from article directories

Articles from article directories are a great way to enrich the content of your blog but there are few cons. of course you can select the most recent and best fitting articles but you may not change anything to the content nor layout and you have to respect the links at the end of the post. These articles will also make a small contribution to the SEO of your blog and that’s why I would encourage to make use of what is described further on in the text.

Here are some of the best article directories with easily to add content to your blog:





Use public domain articles

Public domain articles as they are will have a low contribution to the SEO of your blog. But as it is public domain you are allowed to rewrite the content until it is completely original. Add for this rewriting a plagiarism checker or use one online to write original blogposts in a minimum of time.

Use an automatic blog program

Explore content marketing software on the next page.

Hire a native English writer

For articles written by Hirewriters’ you pay following the length of the article and the skills of the writer. This way you can get articles written for few euros by beginning writers and more expensive articles by expert writers. Get High Quality, Original Articles Here!

Find a writer on Fiverr

On Fiverr you can find the most divergent collections of writers in the most diffenrent price classes from cheap to expensive. Take your time to do the best selection within your financial possiblities. Search a blog post writer

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